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Soomi Kam/Luci Kam (Mystic Messenger Oc) WIP by SooozaBell Soomi Kam/Luci Kam (Mystic Messenger Oc) WIP by SooozaBell
Finally an Oc that isn't Yandere Simulator.

MC model by MelouNya

I am so happy with the finished look, she kind of reminds me of a female Saeran a little bit... Then again there personality is slightly similar.

Credits will be in the download description when she is ready for Download :)

Now for a bit of information about this oc.

Messenger Name: Luci Kam
Full Real Name: Soomi Kam
Age: 22
Hair colour: red/pinkish 
Eye colour: blue/grey
Height: 5'4

Her mother and father were killed by assassins when she was 8 years old. That's when Rika and V found her on the streets and took her in along with Saeran/unknown. Soomi was going to go with V to become a secret agent/hacker but Rika took her and Saeran to 'paradise'.

Soomi was Rika's favourite, Soomi stuck to her like glue or she would be around Saeran. When Soomi heard about the Messenger Rika and V created she wanted to to be a member but Rika refused at first.

After asking and asking she was finally a member of the Messenger. No information was confirmed to the other members about Soomi except for the name given to her 'Luci Kam'. That's when she meets MC...

Her route (if she had one): 
She would off as mysterious, mischievous and flirty with other members. When it gets to her route she still has mysterious and flirty aura but after a while with MC she stays to get a strange feeling that she doesn't understand and never felt before. She starts to become more distant and more of a tsundere towards MC and the others. She even starts to reveal some of past and where she works. She feels her self become less relax and wants to escape this so called 'paradise' Rika helped her enter. The brainwash wears off and asks for help from the other members after they find out she was working with unknown.

The bad ending would be that she dies by Unkowns hands along with MC while Mc was helping her escape.

The bad relationship ending would be Soomi escaping And running away with MC in hiding.

The good ending would be all the members helping her leave 'Paradise', she is no longer brainwashed and ends up being with MC.

you can also read her information and my other Oc's information on my wattpad…

 Anyway I hope you like her...
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