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Chapter 9: Home

Well her we are, Castle town, where Princess Zelda lived. You followed Link to the castle in silence. The silence wasn’t awkward but It was stressing you out how Link kept something secret from you. You sighed and bumped into Link as he stopped.

Link you’re here… And you brought the princesses sister?” One of the guards asked.

You were to busy looking around, you did see him nod.
It was breaking boundaries bringing you back here but it had to be done. You looked over at Link who was waiting for the guards to let you in.

Princesses Zelda is in her room. She’s getting worse,” the second guard said and let you and Link into the castle.

As soon as you walked into the castle you started to feel woozy. You cringed slightly and held your head as you sight when fuzzy. Link felt something was off with you and started to panic.

“(Name) what is it?”
he asked and wrapped his arms round you.

He grabbed his shoulders so you wouldn’t fall, “I feel really dizzy.”

Link held you tighter and pulled you closer to him. Flickers of random flash back went through your mind
and it made you feel sick. He noticed you going pale and picked you up bridle style and headed to Zelda’s room.


Once you got to Zelda’s room you didn’t feel so sick or dizzy. It was weird that you got memories of a young Zelda and her parents. Somebody else was there to, Zelda’s sister it was like you were in her point of view. You sighed and looked up at Link, he seemed worried as he held you protectively.

Link you can put me down now,” you said.

Link tensed up slightly and looked at you with worried eyes. He nodded and placed you back on your feet. Link didn’t let go of you thougt. one of his arms were round your back, the hand on your waist.

We’re here,” he said and knocked on the door.

You heard a faint noise telling you to enter. Doing as you were told, you and Link entered the room. There sat Zelda. She looked
up and smiled sweetly at you and Link.

Hello Link…. Did you bring my sister?” She asked weekly.

...” Link looked at you at the corner of his eye.

You looked at him and raised an eyebrow at him, “What?”

He quickly looked back and Zelda and nodded, “Yes Princess Zelda. I have brought your sister like you asked.”

Link grabbed your arm and pulled you towards Zelda. You were utter shock and confusion as he dragged you tot eh Princess. He sat you down next to Zelda and she looked at you in the eyes. It was like she was figuring something out. After examining you she smiled and a tear fell down her cheek as she pulled you into a hug.

“Oh sister I finally found you,”
She cried.

...” you just sat there, wide eyed.

Yes you were Zelda’s sister.
The lost princess, the princess that was said to be dead. Your mother back at the village wasn’t your real mother. She was just raising to keep you safe from the danger that could harm you and this world. You found by none other than your huge crush and best friend, Link…

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