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Chapter 7: The drunk confession 

Link…. Link….Link… Liiiiink….” You sang/ slurred.

Yeeeees?” Link sang back and looked at you.

Your eyes lit up and you wrapped your arms around his neck. Link blushed and court you with his hand on your waist. You two decided to hang out at the pub before calling in at an INN. The two of you drunk quite a bit after being their for an hour. Link seemed to hold his his drink pretty well. As for you though, you were a lightweight and got drunk pretty quickly. Of course Link found it cute because he has never seen you drunk before. And you were a bubbly drunk so it wasn’t as bad as he thought you would be.

You know whaaaaaat...” you trailed off.


You rested your forehead against his and sighed, “It’s silly though.”

Go on tell me,” he beckoned.

Hmm… Just don’t tell Link.”

“…..” link sweat dropped slightly ‘Yep she’s off her face.’

Okay I wont tell.”

When I was younger I had a HUGE crush on him,” you boomed and threw your arms up in the air.

W-Why is that silly?” Link asked with a blush.

Because….. He was the most popular boy in the village and I would never have a chance of course,” you said.

I still don’t have a chance. He’s the Hero now and all the girls are after him…. I’m just a Pixie, a ‘cheat’ a ‘liar’ a race that ‘sleeps around’,” You pouted.

But it’s okay though. I have excepted the fact that we will only be friends and nothing more...” you finished with a big assuring smile.

I think we need to get a place to stay now (Name),” Link stood up and put you on his back.

“….. Hey Link?” You asked calmly.

Yes (name)?” he asked.

Your the most amazing person in the world… And I am happy that I met you and call you my best friend. I couldn’t wish for anything more,” you told him and fell a sleep on him as he walked to the INN.

Link sighed and smiled at your words, “I couldn’t wish for anything more either (name)…. I loved then and I still love you now,” he muttered when he knew you were asleep.

He walked into the INN and book a room for one night. He walked into the room and placed you on the comfy bed. He then walked over to the small kitchen/ bar area in the room and got a glass of water for your head in the morning. Link placed it on the bedside and climbed in next to you. He pulled the covers over the both of you and fell asleep himself.

-----------------------------------time skip

The next morning you woke up with a banging headache. You sighed and sat up and rubbed your tiered eyes. You looked on the bed side table and saw the water. You smiled softly and took few few mouth falls of water. Link, when he was with you, always looked out for you and looking after you was one of them. You sighed and put the drink back down before looking at the sleeping Link next to you. You looked at him in confusion before you started panicking. He wasn’t wearing a shirt… but you didn’t want to see if he was wearing any pants. As for you, you were wearing your nightgown you packed and not in the cloths you wore last night.

Did we have sex?’ you panicked even more not remembering last night.

Link woke up and sat up slowly. He looked at you, his calm face turned to worry when he saw your panicked expression.

(name) what the-”

Did we just…. You know what…. last night?” you asked.


Oh god we did. Why? You probably think I’m like the other Pixies now. I didn’t know what I was doing last night, I’m sorry Link….”

(name) shut up we didn’t do it…. See I still have my pants on. It was just a warm night that’s all…. Don’t panic please I still think of you as best friend,” Link blurted out.

We didn’t?”

No we didn’t okay, silly idiot,” He smiled and flicked your nose.

Your the best person I’ve met… I wouldn’t hate you even if we did do it as a one night thing last night…. You’re my best friend.”

I would. You and me both know we want to loose it to someone special in our lives…. Our boyfriend or girlfriend,” you pointed out.

You think to much into things (Name). Come on lets get ready and head to the next Village or town.” Link said and walked into the bathroom to get ready.

Secretly he would love it if he has his first time with you. Even you thought the same thing and want your first time with him. You both secretly had huge feelings for each other but will never express it. The both of you were waiting for the other to confess… which in a way YOU kind of did just last knight. Yet of course you were drunk and you didn’t remember and Link wanted to wait until you confessed when you were sober.

He knew it will a long time…. But if you don’t confess to him he will find a way to confess to you instead. He will always find out if your drunk confession were true… Or just words.

Chapter 6 is here I hope you enjoy and don't forget to comment, like and follow thank you :3.

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