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Prologue: On a Journey

Link was walking through the forest. He has been walking for three days straight, the only food to eat and water to drink was in his back pack. The sun was beaming through the tree leaves and hit his body perfectly. Link was set on a task to find a lost princess which seemed easy enough... Right? This princess was unknown and didn’t even know she was a princess herself.

what the heck?’ was his words.

How was he meant to find a princess that didn’t know was a princess in the first place. At this moment in time he was explaining what towns and villages to look in. He was meant to be talking to a certain someone but they weren’t really listening and that person is you...


So I was thinking maybe we could actually stay in a village for a few days to eat and drink properly. Then head in a few other villages and towns. What do you think (Name)….?” He turned to you or where you were meant to be but of course you weren't.

“…(Name)?” he said looking around.

Stop playing around (Name) we are on a mission,” he sighed and crossed his arms.

Hey look at me… WOOHOO,” a voice cheered.

Link looked up and saw you swinging on a vine and jumped from one to another. You did flips as you ‘flew’ around the forest. Link grumbled and rubbed his temples at your little show. You were a confident, outgoing person and always loved a good, fun time. You were also a strong worrier and didn’t take shit from anybody… But you were never always like that, Link Was the one who tort you to become strong. You were a Pixie and Pixies used to get picked on a lot…. They still do but they are becoming extinct and you were one of few. Because of your race you were picked on a bullied on so much it brought you to depression.

Pixies are known to be cheats and players. Your mother…. Or foster mother goes around sleeping with many men and lies about loving them just to have sex with them. Despite these lies you loved her dearly and she loved you just as much. She loves you so much that she has pep talks with on how NOT to follower her footsteps. That didn’t stop the others in the villages calling you names or hurting you emotionally and physically. If it wasn’t for Link you would probably committed suicide.

Remembering those memories in a flash black he had, a small smile formed. He was happy he could help a close friend of his. He chuckled and looked up at his best friend as she still leaped from tree to tree and vine to vine. Seeing her happy feature made him smile even more. He would never admit it…. At least just yet, but he had a huge crush on you and wanted to do everything and anything to try and keep a smile on your face.

Okay (Name) time to come down now,” he called.

Okay,” you chimed and slid down the vine you were on.

Catch me Link,” you called and jumped.

Huh…? W-Wai-mmph,” his quick reflex had to kick in as he caught you.

It was too quick that he lost his balance and fell on his back with his arms round you. You were heavier than you looked and he grumbled in pain. You giggled and looked at his face. You were straddling his upper half of his body. Link opened his eyes and met yours as they sparkled with amusement. Linked rolled his eyes and shook his head.

That hurt,” he moaned.

I’m sorry..” you said and bit your lip.

It’s okay you’re just excited because it’s your first Mission,” Link pointed out.

Plus it’s with you… My best friend,” you sang and hugged him.

Link blushed and hugged you back, “Yeah, yeah. Now get off. You’re heavy,” he said and lifted you up at sat up.

Can we go find town to stay for the night? I haven’t had a real meal in ages,” you wined and rubbed your hungry belly.

That's what I was trying to say before you ran off to play,” Link said and stood up and helped you up in the process.

Well what are we waiting for? lets go,” you shot up as you grabbed his hand and ran to the nearest village.

He will never understand why people would bully you, but he’s glad he met you and glad you volunteered to help him on this new mission.

So don't really kn ow much about Legend of Zelda but have done some research on the game and there characters, But I'm that kind of Fanfic author that writes about a series or Character I don't even know about. it makes it more exciting for a writer.... Well for me anyway. I hope you enjoy this Link X reader fanfic and don't forget to like, comment and follow.

Prologue: Your are her
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Link X Pixie! Reader The lost princess chapter 1

This story is also on my Quotev: Suzannah Halstead (…) and Wattpad: XXILoveAnime123 (…)
fairy-princesssstar Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016
i love this sooooooooo much!! :iconlinklaplz: ( my main loz oc is as human size fairy XD this feels like kind of her story lol ) 
TheShadowMuffin Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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